Hiding Tab


How to hide tab payment_method for the vendor, but still available for admin.


Thank you. is it possible using my_change addon.

I do not see such tab on the clean installation. Do you use 3rd party modules to add it?


Hi Ecom,

i will check it first i don't remember about payment method from 3rd party or not.


It's working i hide tab with this code

if($mode == 'update') {
	if(Registry::get('addons.wk_single_seller_checkout.enable_payment_action') == 'Y') {
	$tabs = Registry::get('navigation.tabs');
	$tabs['payment_method'] = array(
            'title' => __('payment_method'),
            'js' => true
	if (ACCOUNT_TYPE == 'vendor') {
    Registry::set('navigation.tabs', $tabs);
	$payments = fn_get_payments(array('status' => 'A'));
	$disable_payments = fn_wk_ssc_fn_get_vendor_disable_paymet($_REQUEST['company_id']);
if(!empty($disable_payments) && is_array($disable_payments)) {
	foreach ($payments as $key => $payment) {
		if(in_array($payment['payment_id'], $disable_payments))
				$payments[$key]['status'] = 'D'; 



But the problem is with the view, the vendor can't see payment method tab but they can see content_payment_method.

how to hide this Registry::get('view')->assign('payments',$payments);} from vendor

Thank you.

Never mind i solve this one.

Thank you.

hot did you solved?

Looks like code of 3rd party module was changed

I put this on tab_content.post.tpl

{if $auth.user_type=="A"}


after that vendor cannot access the content. but admin still can access it.