Hiding Supplier Name from Checkout?

I was wondering if you can hide Supplier name from both the product page and checkout page?

Lets say Customer buys from Supplier A and Supplier B

It will show just the shipping charge for each or possibly just total shipping charge.

Can this be done?

You should be able to go to Admin/Settings/Suppliers and Uncheck “Display shipping methods to each supplier separately”. That should just show your total shipping cost.

I am having an issue with that working properly. I have a bug report submitted for that. Doesn’t appear that everyone is seeing that problem though.


Yeah but if you do that lets say for example:

UPS Supplier A bought

Supplier B also UPS then it wouldnt add both shipping costs just 1 am I correct?

If I understand you correctly: A customer orders a product from Supplier A and a product from Supplier B, it should add the shipping cost of both together and provide one shipping price there.

Is that what you mean? That is how it worked for me and I believe is supposed to work. Hope that makes sense.


This is what I did:

Added UPS Ground to both Suppliers

In Admin > Settings > Suppliers

I have

Enable suppliers functionality Checked

Display product supplier company Not Checked

Display shipping methods to each supplier separately Not checked

ANd getting No shipping options, If I check Display shipping methods to each supplier then I get shipping but both are seperated.

Or Am I doing something wrong here?

I figured it out, thanks

I am having an issue getting my shipping costs to work out correctly during checkout. My shipping costs are setup as a fixed amount based on subtotal, unless the order total is over $150.00. Then it is 13% of subtotal.

The issue I’m having is this: When there is just one item in the cart, or only one supplier’s products in the cart (could be any quantity up to infinity) then everything works fine.

However, when there are multiple products in the cart (all from different suppliers) then the system is generating a shipping cost based on each item’s fixed shipping amount, and then adds them all together to create a final shipping cost. This is creating a much higher shipping cost to the customer.

Why would my cart work fine with just 1 supplier, and not work fine when there are multiple suppliers? Does this have something to do with the way I set up shipping settings, or is this a bug?


I figured it out, thanks


And… what did you do?

[quote name=‘drillsar’]I figured it out, thanks[/QUOTE]

I too would like to know what you did. I’m glad you figured it out, but please share.

What I did was I made Shipping Named Ups Ground it could be different of course.

then go into Users > Supplier and check shipping method there check what you want the supplier to have access to the shipping method or methods.

I also had to uncheck Admin > Settings > Suppliers Seperate shipping per supplier

I hope this makes sense.


For me, when I uncheck “Display shipping methods to each supplier separately”, I get the dreaded “No shipping options are available…”. I have supplier and shipping methods set up. I have a bug report in now to find a fix for this.


How are your shippings setup?

I bet you have shipping like this:

Shipping UPS or Something

Under that supplier name

If thats the case it’s wrong

U need to add a shipping method under users > suppliers you check which supplier has what shipping method and check that,

Yes, I have the Shipping Method checked under the Users/Suppliers. But still doesn’t work. I had no problem before the last upgrade back in December. Now it won’t work unless I check the “Display shipping methods to each supplier separately” under Admin/Settings/Supplier- which I don’t want that displayed that way.

I had that problem to until I fixed the shipping selection.

Before I had each supplier like this

UPS (Supplier A)

UPS (Supplier B)

Im guessing your shipping.php file is messed up, whats the size of that file?

controllers/admin/shippings.php should be 17,502


Thanks for that idea. I checked my shippings.php file, it is 17.09 bytes = 17,502 kb.

It is actually working intermittently. Can’t run a professional store that way though. And shipping costs are higher when several suppliers are used to ship products. If same supplier is used, shipping is correct.

Do you have any other ideas. I’d love to hear them.


Anyone know how to hide Suppliers from the Advanced search? (in 4.0.1.) Don't know why it is visible there. Why would the customer get access to our supplier-list?

CS-Cart tream suppliers as multi-vendors so they are shown in frontend. There should be a way to hide them from storefront.