Hiding Shipping Cost in Cart Contents

Hi All,

We wouldn’t like to have shipping cost to be included in cart content.
I have changed this code block →

            <span class="ty-cart-statistic__total-value">
                {include file="common/price.tpl" value=$_total|default:$smarty.capture._total|default:$**cart.total** span_id="cart_total" class="ty-price"}

to →

            <span class="ty-cart-statistic__total-value">
                {include file="common/price.tpl" value=$_total|default:$smarty.capture._total|default:$cart.**subtotal** span_id="cart_total" class="ty-price"}

Seems like now final price is without shipping but I am afraid it would break the pricing calculations (when there are cases with promotions/discounts etc.).
My question is what does subtotal contain? Final price before shipping including tax , coupons , promotions, discounts etc. ?

Any other smarter way to do this?


Try to use


(!) Not tested

Thanks , this worked fine!

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