Hiding Images on the Category Details Page

I'm using the Mega Menu by CS Cart Rocks and to take advantage of its graphical ability, I needed to assign an image to my various categories.

The problem is, I don't want this image to show up at the head of the page when someone clicks on it and goes to that particular category's listing.

I partly solved the problem by going to Settings>>Thumbnails>>Category details page thumbnail width:

and setting it to 1 pixel. This makes the image virtually invisible, but when someone happens to hover over it, that pesky + icon shows up asking the user if he'd like to see the image at full size.

Is there a way to prevent the categories image from displaying altogether, while still maintaining the functionality of the Mega Menu?

Try adding the detailed image but then delete the thumb


Hey John, thanks for reaching out.

The place to create a detailed image is pretty straight forward, but I'm not entirely sure where I'd go to just delete the thumb.

Above where you add the detailed image you will see where it says…add them manually click this and then the thumb should appear.

or maybe these still work

[url=“Hide Category Image - General Questions - CS-Cart Community Forums”]Hide Category Image - General Questions - CS-Cart Community Forums

[url=“Hide category image on Product Grid page - Configuration - CS-Cart Community Forums”]Hide category image on Product Grid page - Configuration - CS-Cart Community Forums


Thanks for the info John.

By uploading my own thumbnail and then reducing it to 1 pixel, I'm at least able to make it so the + sign won't appear if the mouse hovers over it. An inelegant, though temporary solution.

Unfortunately, because of the fact that there's a pic “still there”, CS cart assigns some padding it which in turn bumps everything down the screen a bit.

I'll try and tackle the procedure you gave me in your links when I have the time and am feeling brave.

Wouldn't you think that there would be a simple check box to take care of this? Odd how CSC is so awesome on the big things but drops the ball occasionally on the small stuff.