Hiding "cs-cart" in builtwith.com

Happy Friday fellow cs-cart users,

I deleted all the instances of “cs-cart” in my website, including in bottom.tpl, in the Config file, etc… However, when I check the website using www.builtwith.com, cs-cart shows up as the CMS.

You can try it…

How can I avoid that?


I’m assuming it is looking for “signatures” that do not say cs-cart, but instead are know to only be used by cs-cart. This could be the name of a javascript function or any of a variety of methods.

I’m am a rebrander of cs-cart. Hence my source base (and database) contain NOTHING that has ‘cs-cart’ or ‘cscart’ (in any combo of capitaliztion) on my site other than some product descriptions for addons and keywords for products.

Builtwith still shows it as a cs-cart.

So I doubt you will be able to get rid of it unless you know how they are determining the “signature”.