Hiding catagory from menu

Is there a thread for 1.3.5? That is what I still have.

I have a few accessories that I want to appear during checkout as suggested products. I have listed as lists in listmania.

The accessories are assigned under a category called accessories but I don’t want the accessory category to appear in the main menu. When I try to hide it, it hides the products. How can I hide a particular category from the main menu without hiding the products inside it?

I hope this makes sense.

I’m in 2.0.8 but the way I did this was to manually create my menu which meant I could pick and choose the categories that appear. I’m not sure if you can do the same in your version (or if you even want to manually maintain your main menu of categories!)

Just thought I would pass along how I decided to handle a similar situation.



www.Products4Pets.com (non CS-Cart but migrating over for 2010!)

Building in 2.0.8