Hide Thumbnail Image Selection during Product Creation

Hi All -

Just wanted to ask if anyone has experienced this, or done it already, and get some feedback before I do it myself.

Issue - Wasted Space & Possibility for End-User Screw-Ups

Section - Admin > New Product (Or Update Products)

Section: Image Thumbnails

Description -

In the CSC system - I have thumbnail creation set to be an automated function. If this is the case, do I even need the thumbnail section within the product administration?

My worry is that the end users of the cart (I chose CS Cart for a client project) may think they need to insert thumbnails as well as large images. I have explained to just skip the box, since thumbs are created on the fly, but leaving the box in place is just asking for it to be used.


Has anyone removed the thumbnail portion of the image selector on their sites? If so, were there any negative issues?

Thanks - Just looking for feedback.