Hide quantity box for certain product


Is it possible to hide the quantity box for certain product or certain category and if yes, how can I do that ?

Thank You


I would say no, but i’m no expert, my experience shows me that when I change the template for category it changes all category pages. Change the template for product, etc.

Can you show an example of what you are talking about?


A custom mod will do.

Yes, I would say that’s probably the way to go.

All you need to do is add an if else statement to the tpl file

something like:

{if $product.main_category == ‘169’ || $product.main_category == ‘168’ || $product.main_category == ‘170’ || $product.main_category == ‘171’ || $product.main_category == ‘172’ || $product.main_category == ‘173’} DO THIS {else} DO THAT{/if}

Where category number is ID number assigned to the category in the database. You can also use the product code for individual products like:


I use this simple technique all the time (in many tpl files) to create different functionality and appearance based on categories or products.


Excellent. I can definitely see getting some good use out of that!

Thanks, it works like a charm

which tpl file is this? Sorry, I didn’t fully understand that… could you explain please?