Hide password on registration mail.


When a user registers, he gets a welcome mail with his profile details which also includes his password in plain text.

Is there an easy and clean way to not show password in this mail ?



I am also looking for a way to disable the plain text password sent in email on new account registration. I'm not sure it's insecure, but customers seem to think so - and that is all that really matters.

Not sure if this is a bug but on line 19 of /skins/skin_name/mail/profiles/profiles_info.tpl there is an if statement checking for $send_password which is set to false in the fn.users.php file but there is also an or statement for quick registration. Looks like if quick registration is enabled that if statement becomes true and sends out the password info.

line 19 profiles_info.tpl

{if $send_password || $settings.General.quick_registration == "Y"}

change to

{if $send_password}

fn.users.php $send_password is set to false by default

function fn_update_user($user_id, $user_data, &$auth, $ship_to_another, $notify_user, $send_password = false)

Fixed the problem for me so far, haven't noticed any issues with it.

Can you disable the email all together?