Hide Order Statuses

Would anyone know a way of hiding one or more of the order statuses that come pre-configured with CS? We only want to use Open, Canceled and Complete. We do not use payment gateways and can get by with just those 3. The rest can cause problems if they are clicked by mistake so we just want to remove the possibility.

Doesn’t look like you can delete or disable the pre-configured statuses, but you can change the name of them, so you could change “Backordered” to “Backordered (DNU)” or something so you would know not use that one when in the order management. FYI I would be careful with what you change the name to, as at some point you might want to use that status again and you might want to know what it was originally (I can just see someone changing it to a space and not being able to figure out what status B means ;)