Hide option variant when quantity reaches zero


I have a clothing product, that has one option (size) and four different variants (S, M, L, XL) in it. If the stock-quantity reaches zero on one variant (e.g size S), I would like to hide that particular size from the customers. Is it already possible to enable somewhere in the CS-Cart settings, or do I need to do customization to achieve this?

I think you need track options with inventory

Sorry, I was a little bit unclear. Inventory tracking with options is enabled and the quantities are updated correctly on each option variant.

When the quantity goes to zero for some option variant, it shows it to the customers, but customer is not able to move it to the cart. I just want to make it as clear as possible to customer, and hide the option variant that has zero quantity.

Not possible with standard cs cart. You need to get them to custom develop this for you based on your store skin. It should cost around $100.

Thanks! Will try on my own first… :slight_smile:

Can’t you hide out of stock products by unchecking the box for “Show out of stock products” in Administration > Settings > Catalog? I have mine set to show out of stock but if you uncheck this setting then any item which has inventory of zero shouldn’t appear.

I am only on 2.0.8 so this may have moved in a more recent version of CS-Cart.