hide header/footer from controller/view

Looking for a quick tip on how to hide header and footer from the main content served out of a controller and corresponding view tpl.

Appreciate some pointers. I tried setting the view mode to simple from my controller but it didn’t work ($view->assign(‘view_mode’, ‘simple’);)



I was able to hack a solution for this by trying the below - not sure if all steps are required but it worked for me

1> Created a layout.xml (copy from gift certificates) which showed my controller alongside products, homepage etc in the blocks screen.

2> Step 1 probably ended up writing data in the tables bm_locations and bm_containers - had to reinstall my custom add on after step 1

3> Manually deleted top and bottom rows from bm_containers table for my controller location

Voila, the header and footer no longer appear on the content.