Hide Free Shipping Unless Eligible

According to the KB, the way to do free shipping for orders above a certain total is to create a custom shipping method, and in the “cost dependencies” area, enter the order minimum in the “more than” field, and 0 in the rate value field. Then in the “more than $0.00” field, enter a non-zero value so the shipping isn't free if the order total is too low. This seems a bit backwards, as the “Free Shipping” method will still be shown, it will just have whatever non-zero cost you assigned to it displayed as the cost. Is there a way to have the “more than $0.00” criteria ignored and have the shipping method hidden unless the larger “more than” is met? I'm sure I could modify the template code to check for the shipping method cost being equal to the non-zero value I enter (ie $999 and then hiding it if the cost = $999), but is there an easier way to do this that I'm missing other than modifying code?

Thanks for any help

I realized I was going about this wrong; the way to do free shipping is with a promotion.