Hide Column Only On Catalog Pages With No Product?


We are getting close to launching our cs-cart site. One of the final things I'm having trouble figuring out is how to hide a column on catalog pages that do not have product?

I will explain a bit…

We have 'parent' categories that have sub-categories in the store. These sub-categories are the categories that contain product. The parent categories do not have product.

Parent Category




I'm assuming with the template system there is a way to not show the column on these parent categories. Either automatically across parent categories, or assigning a septette look to the parent categories individually to not include the column.

We would like to go live soon, so any input would be appreciated!

Thanks, Larry

Unfortunately there is no way to do it through default feature of the block manager. But you can try to add block (HTML with Smarty support) to categories which will contain javascript code which will check the content of the left column and hide it if it is empty.