Hide categories when empty


This has been asked before in previous versions, but no one ever answered it.

Question: Basically, I’m looking for a way to hide categories from appearing in the menu when they are empty. All categories will have actually products under them, but depending on who’s logged in, I have user-groups setup to hide certain products.

I am using User-Groups to control access to different products for some users. If a user is logged in and doesn’t have access to any products under “T-Shirts” category (example), I don’t want him/her to be able to see the category “T-Shirts”.

Right now I have to set up all products and their respective categories under their specific user-groups, and it makes it very tedious and long. But the real problem is that some products will have 2 categories.

I am running version 4.0.3 (latest).

Anybody willing to help out? It would make everything soo much easier for me, and probably other people too.

Ok, I seriously need this feature! Is there an “if” statement I could put somewhere that if the category shows as 0 products displayed, to hide category name, or mark it as “disabled” for that user-group?

I'm willing to pay someone to program this feature.

Quote has been sent. :)

nice to see we need to pay for something that should be in-code, why would a cart even show an empty cat ? OR a cat that has products but all QTY=0 ( no stock) , they need to be hidden but not disabled else google will burp these

If anybody is interested, “cscartrocks” has done an add-on for this for v 4.1.2 (probably works for other 4.x versions).

Works great. You can contact him on the forums or go to his website (www.cscartrocks.com) to request it.

Which add-on is it, what's the name? I can't find it on their site.

Which add-on is it, what's the name? I can't find it on their site.

Please PM him