Hide 'Title' link under Administration menu

I am trying to hide the 'Title' menu that appears under the 'Administration' main menu. I cannot do it by setting privileges under the 'User Group' area. Does anyone know how I can easily do this? I have attached a screenshot of the area in question. Thanks!

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 4.13.58 PM.png

This applies for V2 and V3. To remove menu items, edit:-


Remove this line:-

For future reference, all default non-addon related menu items are edited/removed from the admin menus via this file. If a menu item is added because of an addon (eg. Comments and Reviews), then edit /addons/addon_name/schemas/menu/menu.xml

Note this change will be lost when upgrading, so be aware you will need to reapply it every time you upgrade your CS-Cart install, or you can override the menu schema using my_changes. There are plenty docs going about for doing this.