Hidden vs Unavailable

Can anyone tell me what the difference is in a product between Hidden and Unavailable exactly?

Version 1.35 sp2 - manual doesnt say anything and the forums seem to talk a little about this being added via mod in previous versions - just dont understand benefit of one or the other


My theory is that the difference is…

Unavailable, well self explanitary I think!

Hidden, could be a product that you can add to another ie bonus product, but not to be selected on it’s own!!!

Sounds feasible!



Thanks for the prompt reply - makes sense for sure and is the best answer I can think of too :slight_smile:

much appreciated

Hidden pages can also be seen by entering the URL directly or clicking the link to preview it from the product update page. With one of my mods, users can see hidden products in the catalog if they’re “administrator” type.

Is there any way to hide products that are hidden altogether? I don’t want my customers to see details of the components I’m putting their computer builds because:

  1. If they can see it, they can buy it, which is unacceptable. For one, the price reflects the cost from the base component, not the actual price of the component.


    680i ----> basic component; list price is $0.00 since it is already part of the base price of the computer. They can add this to the cart for $0.00.

    780i ----> selectable option, list price is an additional $100. If customer can get to it, then they can add it to the cart for $100. I lose roughly $175 on that part.

    I think all Hidden products should be completely hidden from view…that’s the definition of hidden.

    FYI…if you set a product in the product group to unavailable (No), it still appears in the product group but if you try to select it to pop it up, you get a Not Found error.

    I think the product configurator needs work. I like how you can add a product and then add it to the configurator, which takes care of what appears in the popup, but no computer builder ever wants to give his products away away for free or at a great discount (with hidden set). I wished I could have looked at CS Cart for a bit longer since the selling point was the product configurator.


Okay I can use the product configurator by hiding all component products and setting recently viewed products to 0 (turned it off). Now to look into disabling changing the amount in the cart. I doubt anyone would buy a computer and try to add two mobos to their build:eek:


Ah crud. That didn’t work either. The cart contains the configured computer with all of the components and selecting each of those allows you to buy them. Product configurator is out for now. Bummer.