Hidden page with a link for some customers?

Hidden page with a link for some customers?

I want to add new products to a category and only allow some customers to see those pages.

Is there an easy way to do this?

Thank you!

Sure, category has the Hidden status. In this case, category details page will be available through direct URL only

Thank you.

So do this:

Copy category URL

Change category to hidden

Next send the category URL to the customer

The customer can paste the URL in his browser and see the hidden page?

Are these steps correct?


Yes, this is correct.

Also there is a way to limit access to this category via user groups. On the category editing page, there is an Availability section, where you can limit this category to be available only to specific user groups, which you can assign only to specific customers. More information on the user groups can be found at the following pages:

Good to have options thank you

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