Hey guys this should be simple to help me

i want to add the column weight to the admin product manage area. I already added the column and i tried various things to pull up the weight of the product. like {$product.weight} and like {$product_data.weight} i looked at the code in update.tpl thats what it shows. how come that same variable doesn’t pass to manage.tpl and how can i get it pass and display the weight?

This is something I would love to figure out too. I want to post a column called cost. I already have it in the product update part, but I can’t get it in the product list.

I am able to get the column there, but I can’t get it to pull up any data.

Any ideas?


You have to add to /core/fn_catelog.php to pull the data. As you can see, I added “My price” to it:

For sorting:

// Define sort fields
$sortings = array (
'code' => 'products.product_code',
'status' => 'products.status',
'product' => 'descr1.product',
'position' => 'products_categories.position',
'price' => 'prices.price',
[COLOR="Blue"]'my_price' => 'products.my_price',[/COLOR]
'list_price' => 'products.list_price',
'weight' => 'products.weight',
'amount' => 'products.amount',
'timestamp' => 'products.timestamp',
'popularity' => 'popularity.total'

To pull the data:

// Extended search mode condition for SQL query
if ($params['type'] == 'extended') {
'MIN(prices.price) as price',
"IF(descr1.short_description = '', descr1.full_description, '') as full_description"

if (!empty($params['cid'])) {
$fields[] = 'products_categories.position';


hey thank you soo much man! i really appreciate it. This cs-cart system is like i donno i have to get used to it. i dont know where anything is and how the system is setup

Thank you Tool, your fix worked perfect.