Hey cs-cart team - about the affiliate linking ability

DOes the cart have the ability to download the entire inventory of amazon wth my links already in it?

OMG - if that can be done - I will be a trillionaire!

Let me add, since 2.1.2 can act as an affilaite redirect shop, does it have the ability to download all amazon products through their api?


I don’t understand what you mean by “affiliate redirect” - can you explain?

Funny, I thought the same thing - what he is referring to is not the affiliate add-on that is part of CSC but the new catalog page add-on that enables you to list items that link to other sites.

For example, our use of it will primarily be if and when we are out of a product and have a terrible lead time, but I know of another place that has stock - I can keep the listing but temporarily divert it elsewhere until stock is back. In fact, I bet you dollars to donuts I’ll roll a fix where if I have no inventory for an item, it automatically shifts to a URL listing until inventory is back online.

In BM’s case, he/she wants to load a catalog with affiliate links to be able to create an affiliate store without all the fuss of pulling info, etc.

Personally, I’d recommend grabbing datacrow and using that for amazon datamining if you are wanting to go the cheap route. I doubt there is any built in integration like what you are asking for in the CS-Cart catalog add-on.

I know there are folks who have asked for direct ebay and amazon integration in the ideas area, but to date nothing official exists. You might want to add a comment to that idea in the ideas forum suggesting a tie in to amazon and ebay for more than just product images, descriptions and reviews.