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a constant work in progress.




Very nice site Eric -Congratulations. I like the clean look.

My feeble suggestions would be to replace the “Search for pattern” language variable with a simple "search’ or nothing at all as you already have Quick Search as your sidebox header. Search for pattern is not really good everyday english and might be confused with fabric patterns/designs on your site.

I like your links at the bottom of the page. Looks like they are not in the footer but sitting on top of the footer…perhaps it needs a break underneath it to give a line space before the footer. Also there is a black band at the bottom of the page.

These are just small things…you have done such a great job they are all I can suggest :).

…wishing you great success and lots of ching ching at the checkout :slight_smile:

Ill second that in relation to the links…

I personally dislike the choice to Capitalise random words such as

Questions or Order by telephone…

I would recommend you type as “Questions or order by telephone” or if you prefer caps : “Questions or Order by Telephone” usually only the insignificant words should be uncapitalised if used in this way… or at least thats what I think ???

[SIZE=4][COLOR=#333300][SIZE=5]F[/SIZE]ree [SIZE=5]S[/SIZE]hipping and [SIZE=5]N[/SIZE]o [SIZE=5]S[/SIZE]ales [SIZE=5]T[/SIZE]ax on all Orders to the Contiguous United States…[/COLOR][/SIZE]

States… is on a seperate line, this looks bad also

Finally, in your header the "Order Anytime 24 Hours a Day! " thats fine but not very clear due to the contrasting Dark Green background…

But hey, i like to be a critic… im sure you appreciate such feedback,

On a good note,

I like the menu and the pattern above / below… very elegant.

Also a good job with modding the site, left side bar is looking very neat and tidy ! also a great choice of colour scheme, easy on the eyes !

[SIZE=5][COLOR=red]Well done !!![/COLOR][/SIZE]

EDIT due to putting 23 hours instead of 24 :oops: and also repeating myself :oops: It is late here… :confused:

Nice job Eric. I like the caps. I think they help to define your image. I also like the shipping map…nice touch.

Good luck with the store. You have some very nice items.

One last thing I noticed…

Sorry dont hate me…

You have a fixed width store, which looks great, however on looking at one of your products the width expands to almost an extra 50% again due to the additional images, I like the large images so wouldnt change them, but would probably set the additional images to 2 columns instead of 3 just to keep it consistant…

And I still love your elegant looking menu… :cool:

for all of your feedback. It is exactly what I was looking for.

Happy Holidays.