Here's A Handy Snippet For Admin Notifications With Customer Id And Ip

my old system included customer ID and IP address in the order notifications sent via email, CS-Cart does not do that by default (you have to log into orders section to find the IP etc. so I created this snippet that I call at the bottom of each admin notification after the footer snippet

1st, create a snippet like so

Name Customer ID and IP
code cID_IP
add this code into it
{% if  order_info.ip_address %}

{{__("cID_Number")}} {{order_info.user_id}}

{% endif %} {% if order_info.ip_address %}

{{__("ip_address")}} {{order_info.ip_address}}

{% endif %}

in your language settings, create this

Language Variable cID_Number

Value cID Number:

then in the admin notification templates in the order section add this to the bottom of each below the footer snippet

{{ snippet("cID_IP") }}

it will then give you this bit at the bottom of each order notification

cID Number: 12345

IP address 123.456.78.9

hope it is helpful to any of you