Helping hand required.

Hi Mike

As usual you are wrong!!! Tee Hee only kidding you.

No we did not have both on together, I have just generated an HTML Cat today.

Another strange thing is I have edited as previous post and when I first ran it in google it worked with no errors, 5 mins later I ran again and it now has parsing error and invalid xml tags!!! DOH! What am I doing that google and cscart don’t like, apart from breathing that is!!!

Your input is always appreciated.

PS We don’t use strange characters in our product names.



The latest…

I have got SEO back on and HTML cat off. My google site map is working too.

I think I MAY have narrowed it down to a manufacturer, since removing it, all seems to be working ok.

I am not holding my breath of course, I seem to remember being here once before.

EDIT… have since turned manufacturer back on and all looks good.


[quote name=‘BarryH’]Hi ALL

The latest…

I have got SEO back on and HTML cat off. My google site map is working too.

I think I MAY have narrowed it down to a manufacturer, since removing it, all seems to be working ok.

I am not holding my breath of course, I seem to remember being here once before.

EDIT… have since turned manufacturer back on and all looks good.



Am now on HTML cat on, SEO off rewrote a little of Sitemap generator to generate WITHOUT SEO on…

24 hours later… Site running quickly and cleanly, no errors/hanging, google sitemap generated clean/no errors, all is well for now.

Submitted ticket to helpdesk, they can’t look at fault (again) because it not there, and only other comment is it’s NOT scripting (because intermittent) and said if problem returns to send them my “apache error log”.

Fingers crossed I don’t have any further problems!!!



As per previous post, everything is sweet at the moment!

I have a question though…

I have used the SEO version of sitemap and got listings on google, of course if you use the listing/link you get an exceptions page (no SEO link found).

I have used NONE SEO version (HTML) of sitemap and got listings on google which all work fine, the question is…

How do I get google to stop/dump the SEO listings, other than doing the “remove url” 1 at a time in google?

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


I have been able to get a fix for the blank categories with SEO on from the CS-Cart Staff. This is what they gave me:


Thank you for keeping us informed.

I have resolved this problem on your server.

Please let me explain.

It looks like the size of memory is not enough on your server.

I have replaced the following line of code in the “config.php” file, located in the root directory of your CS-Cart installation:

@ini_set('memory_limit', '12M');

with this one:

@ini_set('memory_limit', '128M');


Hope this helps anyone who has this problem.


[quote name=‘brandonvd’]Hope this helps anyone who has this problem.


If CS-Cart support said to raise the PHP memorylimit get ready to be kicked off your hosting plan. Before this is implemented I suggest that you contact your webhost for advice.


I use CyberLNC for my hosting. Because of your suggestion I will email Scott tonight and make sure that this is o.k.

I don’t know anything about what the memory limits mean or what they should be. This is just what CS-Cart did for me to make my errors go away. I know that BarryH also used this fix and his errors are now gone as well. When I get a response back from Scott I will post it here even though his answer might not be the same as any other hosts answer to this.



I have been in touch with my host, they didn’t seem to panic at what I told them, but they did think it seemed a big leap from 12 - 128 and said they would expect the range 16 - 32 more the level for a cart. I have reset to 32M and my site still runs fine, of course I have been here several times and the problem returned.

I don’t honestly think that 128 is required if 12 is preset amount. Fingers crossed.

EDIT Have reduced to 24M and still works!!!


Well I thought I would give an update on this. I communicated with Scott at CyberLNC and to sum everything up he told me to just comment out this code:

@ini_set('memory_limit', '12M');

He said that this code is put in mainly for lower quality hosting (He didn’t actually say this, but I think this is what he meant). He also said that he has the hosting limits set high enough so that is why I could just comment this out.

Once again I have another reason why I am still very, very happy switching over to CyberLNC for my hosting.


Brandon, please inform me of the techs name that made this change to your store’s config file.

I will bring legal charges against cs-cart the next time they misinform one of our clients and blame a problem within their own coding on a server environment they didn’t even check first! They then provided a fix-? that introduces potential DDOS and stack vunerabilties.

If you were charged any money or support time for this so-called fix then let me know that also and I will get it back from them one way or another.

Our servers are configured to allow much more than adequate memory to support this very heavy cart. If they bothered to even check a phpinfo script they would have seen this.

Here is why this is a problem with their code.

```php @ini_set(‘memory_limit’, ‘12M’); ```

They added this line because; Most budget hosts including the one they promote most heavily have lower limits set in their php configuration. If a PHP script uses more than the preset limit it will fail. This line of code will on many servers ‘replace’ the preset limit with the one defined.

There are a couple big problems with this code

First of all, just adding this code puts some of you at risk of violating the TOS agreement between you and your host. You are manipulating and/or abusing the provided resources of the server you are hosted on.

Second: If you are hosted with a more suitable company or are on a dedicated or VPS server of your own, this line of code limits you to much less than what is already available to you. This is the case with your problem Brandon. When this is the case, your store is limited to only the 12mb memory limit forced by this code even if there is 32 or 64 MB set for the server default.

Everyone should check the memory_limit setting for the server you are on using a phpinfo script or this simple script below.

```php print "memory_limit = " . ini_get('memory_limit');
?> ```

If the default setting is lower than 12M then you should look closely at the host’s TOS agreement or maybe even talk with them about raising this limit for you before you end up in trouble.

If the default limits are higher than 12M then you should remove this line of code from your config.php file or comment it out like below.

```php // @ini_set(‘memory_limit’, ‘12M’); ```

I wish I would have seen this post earlier Brandon because, since the release of 1.3.5, I have ran into this issue with over a dozen cs-cart clients and have been removing this code from everyone in order to get their stores working since they were all requiring more than the 12mb this limited them to.

A Cs-Cart support tech made another ridicules comment to one of these clients. They were told that their store was not working because the host uses mod_security and it should be disabled. This was another very inaccurate and stupid response from a CS tech to one of my clients.

If anyone else ever receives a response cs-cart developers to disable mod_security please let me know. That is one of the worst things that could be done for the security of this application. There are current vulnerabilities known for even this latest release and I can show you 100’s of blocked exploit attempts on any given day against cs-cart installs that have been blocked by mod_security.

Hackers are very actively scanning for these stores right now and trying hard to get into them using methods that will work against some unprotected servers so disabling an intrusion detection system is very unwise. Modifying a specific rule that is conflicting seems to be a much smarter action or better yet, modifying the code so as not to be in conflict with the most commonly used form of protection.

just noticed that you replied at the same time I was brandon lol

No problem for posting at the same time Scott.

I think I was trying to say the same thing, but since I don’t know what I am talking about I’ll pretend like I am smart and just say I was just dumbing it down for everyone.

Thank you for adding to this. I’ve been happy with all of your advice so far and I am sure that you are right on this so this problem probably really is something important for everyone to look at.