Helpdesk / Ticketsytem Support After Product Ordered


We have found out that every order will be send out with the e-mail from the vendor. We where thinking (if possible) that when the order is placed the mail will be send from the main site and not the vendor. For exampleL

Standard, But should be

When a customer has an question they can create an ticket through http://support(or)

Than search for the vendor and then select the vendor and create an ticket for the vendor. The vendor will recieve an e-mail with the ticket. Reply the ticket and the customer will recieve e-mail to go online and read the reply from the vendor.

Or somebody knows an message system that we can use where you can create subbaccounts for each vendors. Where people can communicate with eachother. Without using email.

We failed to find a ready-to-use solution on the marketplace. Our team can help you with this modification. Feel free to contact us