Helpdesk features you would like to see

This thread is intended to discuss the Helpdesk features you would like to see, please read all threads and respond with the features and ideas that you need for your store, be as detailed as possible. I’ll start by discussing what I see in a Helpdesk system.

  1. I would like to see the same Helpdesk system CS uses to be implented into CS.

  2. The Helpdesk system will include my super cool FAQ mod (Frequently Asked Questions) where their is an admin panel to create categories and a section to create questions where you can associate the questions with any category.

  3. An Admin/Customer Notes section where we can create, edit and delete Notes to ourselves, you will have the ability to choose if you want the notes to be associated with customers and/or orders, when you view customers and/or orders you will see that there is an associated Note with this customer and/or order with a clickable link that will open the Note.

good job Snorocket, let see if I have anything

that sounds awesome!

That notes-section is similar in usage as a ticket-system?

Then its a perfect thingy yes!

Of course live-help a la triolive/stardevelop/phplive (but then a simple version, not so detailed as these) would be fantastic as well, but that would take too long i guess…?

I’ve made a system like that in the past, so i know what i’m asking :wink:

I just hope this all doesnt hold back the releasedate for the much-awaited v.1.3.4 by a long time?

(should already have been out…?)

v1.3.4 will not have a Helpdesk…however continue to contribute ideas and we’ll go from their, as for a live support system? hmmmmmmm…I doubt that will be part of the Helpdesk and from past experience most customers are deterred from live help but as you mentioned there are plenty of outside options such as phplivesupport.

yep, as you mentioned: integration from an external program like phplive isnt hard…a couple of mins actually :slight_smile:

You didnt answer my question regarding the ticket-system yet b.t.w.

When do you expect this system in cs-cart then?

The Helpdesk will operate in similar fashion to the already existing CS Helpdesk system when you login to you CS account, however the Admin/Customer Notes if they are even added are a seperate feature of the Helpdesk system and not connected in any way to the Helpdesk Support ticket system.

[quote name=‘bojangles’]When do you expect this system in cs-cart then?[/QUOTE]

We’re in the planning stages here and a completion date is not set nor do we know which features will be included yet, at best your looking at several months and then some…I would’nt wait around as this will be a hefty modification. The purpose of this thread is to gather the ideas and features cs users are looking for and need in a Helpdesk system.

thx for your explanation. appreciated.

Any news or progress on the "super cool FAQ mod " and the Helpdesk system Snorocket?

the FAQ mod will be explained in detail in my Mod Manual which is still a few weeks for volume 1 and CS is working on the Helpdesk addon which has no set ETA…

can’t wait! can’t wait!

sno, will the helpdesk also support anonymous ticket-creating?:

so one just needs to enter emailaddress & ticketnumber for viewing?

I’ll check to see if we can have that ability, your talking about having like a secret type link like such as:


if so how would the customer know the link? we would sent it to them?

yes the ticketid comes in the email (along with a direct link, so you can

manually login with emailaddress/ticketid)

if you already work with ticket-id’s and emailadresses as login then it

should be no problem to make this work…

you da man

b.t.w. is this mod (presuming faq/ticket/notes) going to be free of charge?

sno, is it?

The Helpdesk is in development by CS, not the CS Mod Team which is completely seperate from CS. The CS Mod Team is working on a few super cool killer mods including an FAQ system but this will not have anything to do with the Helpdesk feature which CS is working on. Yes we’ll make our FAQ mod free but the CS Mod Team will be taking a long extended break after that…we need other people to start taking an active role in helping code modules such as we have seen you posting some very good code snippets ect…

hey sno!

loud & clear, gotcha!

I’d like to see the Help Desk answer a support request.

sno, 1.3.4 is out, so…

as you promised: the mod-team’s addon should be introduced now?

we cant w8 :slight_smile:

we’ll release our addon modules FREE as soon as you release your SMS addon for FREE…I beleive in the community helping each other, not charging…the CS Mod Team having burned many hours on end developing a few mods, others such as Larry have put in many many hours on some very cool mods and hacks and I know you have too with SMS but when I saw you were selling it I had a horrific flashback nightmare from the days of Xcrap…and so I have vowed never again to let another modder make money off a free community resource…so that’s why you don’t see any of those dirtball modders from X over here because we put a stop to them making money off an already free existing resource, this is a mod free zone…