Help with Popup.tpl?

My client likes the way the product options use a popup box when using the Buy Together feature (buy_together.tpl). I have implemented this feature for the regular product_options.tpl file for non buy together products. All is working great except for one thing. If I setup option combinations the Ajax refreshes the page and the popup disappears after each option selection box is changed. Interestingly this unwanted behavior does not happen when using the buy_together.tpl, the popup box remains after a Ajax refresh.

I have looked all through the code (including javascript files) and cannot find where the software tells the popup box to show (or remain) after a selection option Ajax refresh. Any help would be appreciated in where and how to keep the popup box from going away after a option is chosen.

Thanks, David

I contacted support asking for help on this issue and they forwarded me to their custom development team. Their custom team said they couldn't help me for 47 days because of existing customer backlog. Wow!

Anyway, does anybody know where in the cs-cart code it allows the popup box to remain open after a ajax refresh. It works perfect for options using buy together (buy_together.tpl), but I cannot find where it tells the popup to remain so that I can duplicate this functionality in my code.