Help. with Option with Stock?

I am looking to switch my old shopping cart to CS-Cart as it seem more advance and easy to understand then other like megento.

But as I testing with the trial version. I have found some problem to make me stop.

Is that possible to show the option stock level next to the option rather then click one by one to see the stock?

The reason is if A product with 8 options, if first option is out of stock, customer might not like to click one by one see which item is in stock or not.

and worst case if only 1 option within 8 option is available, it will waste too much time for customer guessing or selecting.

I think it will much better is showing the stock statues next to the stock inventory within the dropdown manual or ratio option

I am asking if anyone having this issue and have solutions.

thank you x 10000

In list view you can see stock for all products in one go

Sorry for my English, I mean if possible to change code or setting to make in show the Stock level for each option in one go?

And not click each option to see stock as default. It will keep customer for faster and better view.

thank you

Also, is there is a way to enable Sign up for notification in out of stock actions when product with Options?

There is strange if not able to do so.

Thank you for helping

Some more info for you on that.