Help with multiple size options please (Importing)


Im hoping someone can help me with this.

I know how to import product options for ring sizes by adding something like this: Sizes 5-10: S[5,6,7,8,9,10] Which will generate a dropdown box.

My problem is that my database that I have to update the inventory has each size on a different row and some are in and out of stock.

So for example my database looks like this: (assume its in cvs format)

Size Stock

5 Y

6 Y

7 N

8 Y

9 N

10 Y

Using this info, my options import should look like this: Sizes 5-10: S[5,6,8,10] (missing sizes 7 and 9)

So how can I import this information and generate a dropdown box showing this information or somehow merge this information? I just have 1000’s of items with numerous option variables and manually doing this is impossible.

Thank you!

Maybe my explanation is not clear? Please let me know.

Not Possible mate,

Been there done that. If you export a product with product options then review it in an excel spreadsheet you can see why it’s lot logical to try to import them.

Could you please help me understand how you import “sizes”. I copied your sizes and inserted them under the “Options” category of one of my products, and imported the file hoping it would generate a dropdown box showing sizes, but no dropdown box. I am new here, and hope you can help me, so I don’t have to manually set up sizes for each product in the Administration panel. Thank you!

My mistake. The dropdown box was generated.Thank you.