help with images ?

i have a store that i have changed the images location in the config.php to this :

the original is commented out

/ Directory for store images on file system
//$config['images_path'] = $config['current_path'] . '/images/';
//$config['http_images_path'] = $config['http_path'] . '/images/';
//$config['thumbnails_path'] = $config['images_path'] . 'thumbnails/';

$config['images_path'] = '';
$config['http_images_path'] = '';
$config['thumbnails_path'] = '';

i done this because my images are hosted from another server on a content delivery network .

everything seems to work fine except . if i have more than one image on a product like the one below… the small thumbs for the image carousel does not show

and if i click the view larger link . that seems to be broken from changing between images …

see sample here .


the only change was the one to the config … anyone know what i would need to change to get the carousel back to working properly …