Help with Global Options and Exceptions


I hope someone can help me out as this is driving me insane :frowning:

Exceptions just aren’t work for me. It seems to be making up it’s own rules.

This will be a long post but just want to explain what and how I’ve set things up.

Under Setting in Admin I have these options selected:-

Enable Inventory tracking

Exception Style: Hide Exceptions

I have created two Global Options:-


Inventory is ticked


Brown & Green


Inventory is ticked


Small,Medium,Large, X-Large

In product page

I have tried Track With Options and Track Without Options

I have applied the two global options to the product and have built my option combinations fine.

The problem is when I try to apply exceptions to this product. In this case I have all sizes in brown but only medium in green.

When I access Exceptions screen I have created the following exceptions:-

Green + Small

Green + Large

Green + X-Large

In my mind this should mean that when I view the product in the store front and select Green only Medium should be shown

If I select Brown then all sizes should be displayed.

When I do view this product in the store front end Green isn’t even available as an option.

Have I got this wrong somewhere or have I picked up the purpose of exceptions wrong?

I have tried deleting the Global Options, Combinations, Exceptions, Clearing Caches and recreating everything but end up with the same problem.

Hope someone can help. I need to know if what I have set up should work or if I’ve got it wrong.



hi John

maybe I total missed your point

but wouldnt a workable solution for now be

to just delete the out of stock variants on the green option

as the items have this option applied already when the sizes come back in stock you could simply re add them on global options page the variables and hit save all done

30 seconds


Thanks for the suggestion. I’m sure I tried that and they still showed up.

Just tried it again and even if I delete the



Green-X Large

They are still displayed and it still allows you to add them to the cart.

If someone want to check it for me then this is the product

I just don’t get it.

Are you using 2.08 ??

cs cart will tell you you must gave applied them individually

they did to me I had to upload a clean cell for over my db to remove the global options set just so I could replace with new

cs cart provided me with the clean cell

pm if you need i download from client area

try deactivating a global feature i bet it still appears

CS Cart 2 advance hummm not thinking so at the moment


Thanks for the info. I’m running 2.0.11 but could be the same issue. I’ll contact support to see what they say. Just wanted to make sure I had set up correctly and should be working.

I am running 2.0.11 and have had no problem getting exceptions to work.

Further, if I don’t use exceptions and just delete the unavailable options from inventory Combinations (or lower the stock to 0) if the suggested combo is selected (yes in this case it remains visible if not using exceptions) the quantity field is removed until I select an available combo.

Both settings for exceptions seem to work for me, and reading how you have setup it seems that we have a similar setup (I sell clothing).

This may be far to obvious, but since using exceptions removes the related options if part of the combo is selected eg: if small is selected green will not be visible (based on your settings). What is your size defaulting to? Does green appear as an option if you select Medium?

To add to this thread, I hope someone can jump in here and suggest a ‘best practices’ method of managing inventory with options?

I am having a hard time to decide the best strategy to approach adding my products since I need to track them with options and there are these 2 methods (with exceptions and without) What are the pro and cons to each?

Also in my way the Exceptions dont work, if i create one Exceptions i see it in frontent and i done get a notification message too! Whats wrong?

I have same issue in 2015. The Option variants just disappear!

Is this fixed in 2.1x … ?

It is disappointing that not even the CS Cart team have responded!!

[COLOR=“red”]Product page[/COLOR]

[COLOR=“Red”]Then select “forbidden” variant[/COLOR]

[COLOR=“Red”]Option Variants vanish [/COLOR]

[COLOR=“DarkRed”]Same in all browsers, global option or not.[/COLOR]

In the example above, the exception combination is “Telstra” + “Huawei” …

if the “Telstra” is selected first in “Select by Carrier” all the options go blank.

If “Huawei” is selected first, in the “Modem Brand” option box , then nothing happens.

This is just not working !


It is disappointing that not even the CS Cart team have responded!!


Note that this post is from January and cs-cart support team didn’t start responding in the forums till a couple of months ago. You should not expect them to respond. I think it’s great that they have started, but this is primarily a community based forum.

Ok, that’s very interesting. … and well they should.

On a far more important note…does anyone have a solution for this bug?

I won’t be updating to 2.1.x for this particular 2.0.15 site, The customer is concerned that, after so many labourious updates from the original 2.0.8, some functions still do not work! I must concur.

Ive tested this on my MAMP localhost and the Exceptions Combinations also do not work properly. Its a dogs-breakfast. Even a simple colour-size exception definition does not work properly and its operation is dependant upon the order in which options are displayed.

Hello Remoteone,

We are sorry to hear that you experience such a problem.

The problem requires the investigation on your server. Please contact us via Customer Help Desk and provide us with a temporary access to your server.

Anastasiya Kozlova

CS-Cart Support team

I doubt that is a server issue. As the same problem exists on both Live 2.0.15 site and development localhost machine running MAMP. I tested 2.1.4 on localhost MAMP box and it works fine. Customer not willing to pay for my troubleshooting so just leave it for now.

However Anastasiya. I am disappointed that your first suggestion is for me to enlist the Help Desk. Given that others have this same issue I can imagine that the cs-cart architects have already found the problem. But then, I do have a vivid imagination!

I feel this forum should NOT be used as a marketing tool for CScart HelpDesk. But that’s a topic for another day.

I would be interested to hear from other users that have found the solution to this bug. And if the CsCart team can share any real suggestions on this forum it would be greatly appreciated.

Dear Remoteone,

Thank you for the reply.

We are sorry to hear that you are disappointed with our service.

If a problem seems to be a bug, we resolve it for free. I asked you to contact us via Customer Help Desk in order that you could provide necessary access details to your server because it is more secure than if you provide it here and everyone can access your server and put a malicious code in it.

Also you can find all bug fixes in our system: [url]CS-Cart Community Forums

Thank you for understanding and sorry for any possible inconveniences you may have experienced.

Anastasiya Kozlova

CS-Cart support team

Ok thats great, needless to say, I would not have grounds for such suspicions if I had not had past experience in this regard. Thanks.

Dear Remoteone,

[quote name='remoteone' timestamp='1308523131' post='115296']

Ok thats great, needless to say, I would not have grounds for such suspicions if I had not had past experience in this regard. Thanks.


You are welcome.