help with file permissions please

hi ive just installed cs-cart pro on my server and set the 777 permissions on images,skins and var.

i used smart ftp to upload and chmod the 3 directorys on images and var i ticked the box that says,

apply to this folder,subfolders and files is this correct.

as now on my host cpanel they are all in red

when i look in the var folder every thing inside is 777 is this correct ?

any help please

kind regards jim





no one know ok ill have to do a charge back on credit card

this cart is of no use to me thank you for nothing :angry: :angry:

The permissions are more a function of what type of PHP module you are using in your server.

99% of all hosts do not require 777/666 (directories/files) and many will break with these permissions.

Contact your host and find out what the directory/file permissions should be to allow the cart to create and modify files within your site. Then have them set the appropriate ownerships and permissions for you. Ensure that your FTP account is the same user as PHP runs as and you'll only have to do this once.