Help with custom Addon (maybe community project)

It seems to be extremely difficult to find adequate information on how to extend Cs-Cart with custom addons.

I’m an able coder and would like to start writing some addons I’ve alerady thought about.

However, I’m unable to decipher the necessary steps to creating an addon that works within CS-cart.

If anyone knows anyting about creating addons, please reply to this thread.

Once I figure it out, i’ll write a step-by-step guide for the version I’m working with at the time.

What type of addon are you requesting? It’s pretty difficult for most to say they can help unless they know what it is they need to help you with.

I’d like to know how to properly build an addon using the cs-cart/addons folder structure

What’s required to make an addon “live” once the files are in place

Maybe this will help some: [url][/url]