Help with Code snippets for email notifications

The snippets that my system it’s sending comes by default with some errors on the design that I would like to fix.

If you check where the Social Media Icons are located they have a withe line under the icons. I don’t know what is the function of that line. Also, another one can be found over the email address.

How can I remove those lines?

How can I reduce the green bar size?

Are there any Snippets codes samples that I can use for my store? The email notifications have a poor design.

This new CS Cart post structure is not allowing me to post the Snippet Code. How can I share the code?

Each template has the Preview option. Use the preview function and code inspector in the browser to debug the look and feel issues


The Preview option is available on each template. To troubleshoot the browser’s look and feel issues, use the preview feature and code inspector.