Help With Chango Implementation

Hey guys,

We’re attempting to implement the Chango ad network “conversion pixel” into our CS Cart setup. We’ve added Chango’s code to ourskin/customer/views/checkout/complete.tpl file like so:

{hook name=“checkout:order_confirmation”}




We’re stuck on how to go about pulling in order_id, cost, and quantity to complete the script. This works as is right now, no errors, but obviously is returning no data for our campaign. I could pull order_id with a GET query as it’s passed to this page in the address bar, but the other 2 variables I can’t figure out.

Any help would be great and much appreciated! We’d like to have this up and running before tomorrow evening :)

order id = {$order_info.order_id}

Cost = {$}

What quantity are you wanting? The total number of items?

You would need to include a incrementing counter within a foreach loop to obtain that

Hi requin,

We're looking for the quantity of items in the order, if possible. Also, I've plugged the variables into the script but they're returning blank in our tests. I had to modify the script slightly to allow Smarty variables into the script, maybe my syntax is just wrong: