Help with Aust Post Setup

Hi, I am trying to set up Australia Post Shipping but not sure how to do it…got an API key but that doesn’t seem to calculate the cost properly.

I would be grateful for any help on this…thanks

Please follow this article

If you think that the received rates are not correct, please contact CS-Cart support team

I have intergrated add-on and the rates are correct.

Note that there are different rates depending on if the package is pre-paid.

Ensure your wegiths and package dimensions are consistent, if your cubic weight (calculated by dimensions of the package) are > listed weight it will override and charge the higher rate.

Thanks for the advice…now a big question, how do others ship when they are using drop shipping and don’t know the sizes (I can guess weights). I prefer to use Aust Post satchels for on-hand stock but I have access to over 28,000 products from just one supplier, naturally not all are in my store.

How do others calculate shipping cost when drop shipping

With Australia Post, as long as within size limits and under 22kg the weight doesn’t matter, i.e. price doesn’t vary with weight… that should deal with 90% of your issue.

Does your drop shipper provide a solution? Who do you use?

Hi, thanks for the advice, I use Aust Post satchels when I can as they are cheaper than paying by weight however it is very hard to know what will actually fit into a satchel by the way you pack it. For example a prepaid satchel pack of 10 costs around $14.50 per satchel up to 5kg. But if I don’t use a satchel and it weighs 4kg I pay around $21.00.

The supplier uses all different kinds of courier services but they they have free shipping over $175