HELP - White page with design mode on live site


I tried to active “design mode” to find something… But after my site is a white page… Impossible to see something on front office!!

Admin is OK, but no FRONT…

I tried to clean cache with &cc without success.


What can I do? What can I try?

Version 2.1.1, September 6 2010


What I have to check to resolve this F****** bug?

Which field are used when I active “design mode”?

Thank you very much

you are probably exceeding server limitations with that activated.

Check for a file in the root of your store named error_log and if there see if it provides more details.

Ok thanks. It’s not this.

I restore my last backup and it’s ok…

But I don’t know why…

S-Combs Thanks to try to help me.