Help Us Find This Little Girl!

I think we can all share in this little girl’s parents anguish and horror of this missing little girl.

Personally and as a father of a four year old girl myself i cannot even think what is going through the minds of all those that are closest to Madeleine.

My own thoughts are with maddy and hope she is safe and i ask you all to take 1 minute to think what it may be like.

Should you wish to participate then i have added a page on my site [COLOR=“Red”]HERE[/COLOR] and some links if you feel you wish to donate.

good initiative. i’ll forward some of this as well yes.

its not uk-news only, also here (holland).

as a parent i can only start to imagine its the worst hell…lets hope she is safe though…

why eh?

Yes, people really do make you sick

Ive been following this since day 1 (again as a parent)

Its really worrying what the world is coming too, think about it, 20 years ago this kind of behavour was very very rare, kids could go out on their own without a worry

these days, you cant even let them step out your front door without permanent supervision, just incase

The laws are far too relaxed nowadays,

My heart is with Maddy and her parents, thats for sure…

As a grandfather of four very beautiful girls, I am a nervous wreck if one of them gets out of my eyesight for more than a few seconds. It used to be that families could go the park for a barbecue and everyone would have fun, including the parents and grandparents. Now, the best that I can hope for is that the girls have fun, secure in the knowledge that grandpa and his Ruger are watching over them.

People who kidnap, rape and kill children should die a slow, frightening, and as painful a death as possible.

I’m hoping to get some grant money to start a neighborhood by neighborhood service that informs locals when a registered sex offender moves into their neighborhood. I’ve already registered the domain names and several variations.


as a brother and uncle it kills me to hear this kind of behaviors its sad but people are gone crazy. its sad to say but over the last couple of years its more and more noticeable that there is no more respect toward other people. and people are ready to hard anyone for anything.

well i know one thing is that my taughts are with her parents going through tough moments with my hopes that she returns home safely quickly.


amen to that.

although i think this has passed the “respect”-stage a long time

ago: the word is mentally sick, and that already existed since mankind…

there is no suitable punishment for people like this that can be described…