Help! Two Lines For Product Name In Grid View

Does anyone know what the hack would force two lines for the product name in the grid view? I've got some long product names with important differentiating details at the end of the name that is getting chopped off in the grid view.



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You have a few ways of doing it, at least that come to mind without seeing your site.

1) Address the specific part of the content you want with CSS and shorten it's width. You may need/want to add additional CSS to tidy that up. For instance if something is full width and you shorten it to say 50%, left and right auto margins will keep it centralised.

2) A more "site wide" option is to add a
in the title where you want the break to occur. This will be parsed by the system and it will split into as many lines as you put
's in. If you take this approach you can/should remove the spaces next to the