HELP! Trying to go Live and have a question

Hi All,

I just tried moving my files up a directory to the base of my domain and I couldn’t get to my “manager” of my host (ie it gave me an internal server error so I wouldn’t be able to get to my hosting account). I had not changed my CS-Cart config file yet - would that correct that problem?

I removed all of the cs-cart files from that level for now and will try again but I need to be able to login in to my “manager” account for my host. Anyone had this problem?

Thanks! I’m kind of scared to be putting everything live right now - this was the part I was most worried about because I’ve never done this before. My current cart is a hosted solution!



You will have to edit the paths in your config.local.php file to reflect your new directory structure. You can do this using FTP, you don’t need access to your server directly.

If you need help, shoot me a PM.