Help! Sorting Out 2Nd Level Menu


I need your help guys sorting out the main menu.

I am using responsive theme.

Could you tell me how can I change layout of the 2nd level menu, where all your subcategories showing up and how I can make it full width?

By default they are layed out from left to right, the overflow underneath and it doesn't look good in my case. Is there any solution to change it and put them top to bottom in first column and the overflow (other subcategories) to the next column? (see screenshot 1)

Also at the moment I am not able to predict which subcategory will land where I wanted.

I would like to achieve dropdown that will look like this one (see screenshot 2)

Thanks in advance for your help.

There is no easy way to do it. It will be required to rework default menu template


To change category location there are two ways:

- change global category position value

- use manually created menu instead of auto generated one

Thanks for you reply.

I will try again to sorting this out.