Help: Shipping as Billing checkbox flag doesn't cover up fields


I have a problem with “Shipping as Billing checkbox flag”: It’s checked by default, but all shipping address fields are always shown…(instead they should be shown only whit checkbox unchecked…)

I don’t understand why… I tried to restore these original files without lucky:

  • css
  • ‘skins\lite_blue\customer\cart_pages\profiles.tpl’
  • ‘skins\lite_blue\customer\profiles_pages\profiles_account.tpl’
  • ‘skins\lite_blue\customer\profiles_pages\profiles_fields.tpl’

    Any idease, please??

    Many thanks,


It should be a database problem, because I tried to restore skins and core files and nothing happened… instead if I restore an install clean DB, checkbox works fine…

Any ideas about which could be DB issue, please?



I imported original profile fields and all gone ok !

Hope this could help somone!