(Help) Relocate the Add to Cart button

Hi I would like to have the add to cart button relocated to be below the Product thumbnail, the reason for this is currently when you view the product the formatting is correct but when you make a selection and the add to cart button then appears it shifts everything down a line to make room and breaks up the flow.

I have attached a picture, the top product has an item selected the product below does not so you can see the difference.

I would also be okay with the Add to Cart button being located under or above the Minimum Quantity Text.

Thank you for your help.

Have you treid changing the product details page template in admin/settings/appearance.

I thing old style does this


thanks for your reply but although this was certainly helpful it didnt however fix my problem, this does change the products detail page but it does not change the page before entering the detailed page.

But again I do thank you for taking the time to try and help me.

Is it the product list page you are trying to change,? I thought your image was product detail page

Try the tpl files in your skin/customer/vlocks/list templates