Help! product details page missing

Can any one take a look at my product details page.

when clicking a product and going to the product details page it goes to the correct page but no info shows up? I have mailed cs cart but wont get answer till tommorrow

any help is appreciated


Hi John,

Yes, I just confirmed your issue on your site using Firefox 3.6.3 (in case browser makes any difference.)

Good luck and hope you can resolve the problem quickly!


Looking at the page source you seem to be missing the

and a few more containers.

I would not know how to get it back, sorry.

Does your host have automatic backup? comes in handy at times like these.



Hi Aleks, Thanks for the info it does make sense as I have moved some positions of blocks today??

Im with 1and1 who have been a night mare(backups etc) and I have already changed over to Martfox for some sites( who do 4 backuops a day)but not this one, one of the guys at Martfox are looking at it for me now even though its hosted at 1and1,

Thanks for your info


Check the directory “skins/SKIN_NAME/customer/blocks/locations/products” for the file “central.tpl”. That file should contain the following (or similar based on the wrapper you use):

{block content=true wrapper="blocks/wrappers/mainbox_general.tpl"}

Adodric, well done

That has worked thanks fo rthe help.