Help Please! Screwed up my checkout

Hi guys and gals i’m really hoping someone can help me, I have managed to SEVERELY screw up my checkout whilst trying to adjust the checkout process now I really have NO idea how I get it back working properly. Could someone please point me in the right direction pretty please. The CSS just doesn’t look right and no one can buy anything from me at the moment.

[url]Cart contents

thank you anyone who can offer help


Looks fine to me in IE 8, did you try refreshing your browser after making changes?

Looks OK to me with Firefox 3.5.8


Looks fine here also, on latest FF.

I see you use Paypal Express payments, but the checkout links and the cart link in the mini cart take to to the checkout page where the Paypal Express payment option is bypassed. You might think about redirecting the checkout links from


and point them to


This is obviously a matter of preference, but after i done this on my store the amount of orders placed went up and more orders were paid for using Paypal Express.