Help Please... Can't Access "categories" And "products" After Update Failed


I tried to update to last version but errors occurred. Now, I can see my store main page, but links are broken when trying to go to “categories” and “products” or any other pages (service unavailable error msg). Also the admin back office is working fine.

I hope I will solve this very soon, because my customers can't access to product pages…

Any ideas ?

Best regards

In the config.local.php file please replace:

ini_set('display_errors', 0);


ini_set('display_errors', 1);
define('DEVELOPMENT', true);

to see the error message


[color=#000000][font=Times][size=1]Unknown column 'default_layout' in 'field list' [/size][/font][/color]b[/b][color=#000000][font=Times]

SELECT default_layout, selected_layouts FROM cscart_categories WHERE category_id = 166[/font][/color]

Error at

[color=#000000][font=Times][size=1]app/Tygh/Database.php, line: 677[/size][/font][/color]


File: app/Tygh/Database.php Line: 333 Function: _error File: app/Tygh/Database.php Line: 158 Function: query File: app/functions/fn.database.php Line: 54 Function: getRow File: app/functions/fn.catalog.php Line: 7917 Function: db_get_row File: app/controllers/frontend/categories.php Line: 112 Function: fn_get_products_layout File: app/functions/fn.control.php Line: 587 Function: include File: app/functions/fn.control.php Line: 370 Function: fn_run_controller File: index.php Line: 28 Function: fn_dispatch

Please log in the phpMyAdmin and run the following query:

ALTER TABLE cscscart_categories ADD `default_layout` varchar(50) NOT NULL DEFAULT '';


I would suggest you to hire the Expert for it as this issue won't stop with the above message. you would face more issues.



how can I contact the expert ?

We are at your service :)

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how can I contact the expert ?


We are also at your Service. 8)



I was looking at you prior posts and you need to have experts doing your site and server work instead of doing it yourself. You really are screwing everything up as you go along then requesting help on little things, just have someone do it for you it is so much cheaper in the long run Google will degrade your site if it is not stable and you keep playing around not knowing what your doing