Help! On Shipping method

Hi guys, I am a little confused on shipping methods for my Cs-cart and will be very glad if somebody can answer these two questions…

First Question - My Cs-cart website, , is based in Indonesia. After painstakingly entering every state in my country to the State list --need Bulk editing feature here–, and adding our local courier… I realize that i’m unable to make variable shipping cost due to distance… for example, the cost of sending to city A have a huge difference than sending to city B on weight basis… But there is no option for me to set variable shipping cost OR a better solution is to have shipping cost to be calculated by company staff (after checkout) before deciding final cost for item + shipping, and send a notification by mail regarding the total cost to the buyer. Is there any work around this problem ?

Second Question - If a buyer chooses C.O.D , it becomes a requirement for me to choose Shipping Method . Hence it will cost they buyer extra money on shipping while I actually provide Free shipping on same state delivery. Any ideas on solving this problem too ?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

anyone ?! please help… thx:)