Help On Header Changes

Hi, I am wanting to change my header around however every time I end up doing it and it looks what I want on a PC, I can't seem to achieve it with it looking ok on a phone (responsive design)

Any help would be greatly appreciated:

I want to change the default of:




And not impact the phone responsive view in a negative way with spacing etc but to go from the deafult phone view of:




Thanks for any help





If i understood right you want to change something on your desktop version and not effect the mobile. If you are using twigmo you can choose to use another layout for your mobile store through “mobile store-front” at twigmo add-on manager. You must choose “twigmo home page blocks” for your homepage content. Then you can go to “design-> layout” choose to edit “twigmo home page blocks” and create a separate layout for your mobile store, but must do it from the begging, design the whole mobile homepage. All of that works for twigmo…

Yes you have it right but I don't want to use twigmo, the css responsive theme is OK once you iron out the bugs besides twigmo costs money