Help Needed

Hope you can help, I have had my site updated (quite a few were behind) and now have a state of the art updated site. and don't know how the hell to use it - I have had cs-cart since 05 and loved the products and options and just reversed the process to learn how to use it but this is different.

I sell fabrics and wallpapers so have Categories (Brands) then Sub categories (books) then products with their different Variations.

So my products were always displayed as Leading Image Room Shot (Decorative image of the product in a stylish room) and then the variations in a grid as images (just the wallpaper image)

After one of the updates all the Leading images (about 900) are now gone and a variation has taken its place - looks awful.

So question how do I get a leading image that you cant buy and does not join the variations to stand alone at the main image

How do I put up a product and its variations

You guys had a wonderful product that beat my competitors as they only had to look at about a 1000 wallpapers and fabrics thanks to their options ( use quick view

Hope this makes sense after the last 4 weeks of reading your how to my brain is seriously damaged

Fed Up

file is what I had

Screenshot 2021-08-24 at 13-50-36 Momentum Wallpapers buy online Wallpaper Australia or shop The Ivory Tower - fabric and w....png