Help needed Setting up the Contact Us page


I have “Contact Us” page that was created by CS-Cart designers for my website, but I can not find where the emails sent by clients from this page ( go. I´ve been checking all the knowledge base, tried to find the answer here in forums, but I am unable to find out.

Could someone please help me? How do I check the messages sent by clients from ? And how can I configure the option to get them in my email?

Thank you!

Why not do as I did and setup a ticketing system. You can then keep better track of all your enquires in one place.

I use OS-Ticket it's free and easy to setup, take a look -

Please try here

change admin.php with yours

I hope that helps,


Thanks a lot for your answers! Valentin, and special thanks to you, it really helped!!! :-)

You're welcome