Help, my Host Got Hacked and me too.

Well, it has finally happened. My site quit working and here’s what we got from out host:

The web server that your site is on was hacked today and so were some web sites. We are busy restoring all files to the day before so your site will be good as new. This takes time and will be done tonight so you’ll be back in business by morning.

I apologize for the inconvenience that this causes everyone but sometimes things happen in spite of our best efforts to prevent them.

Guess what? The site is still down and people are emailing me left and right. A few minutes ago I went to the site and it said that we were hacked by some Jordanians. Man this blows big time. I have logged into my Godaddy account and forwarded the domain to our other online sports store to keep people from freakin out.

How hard is it to change host and what is the proper procedure? Thanks

First of all you have read reviews about host on google. Second i will suggest you to enter the hostgator or hostmonster they both are cheap and i am also using both service since from last 2 years getting nothing problem with the server speed and down server. They both have live chat support which is excellent.

Hostgator have 30 days trial so you can trial your website with this new host.

The procedure you can find on the while write “host” on search option. There was nothing hard to change server, yeah it will take some time like 1-2 days to update the server but it depends on your new server, you can ask them how long they will take etc.

[quote name=‘taylorsnutriton’]How hard is it to change host and what is the proper procedure? Thanks[/quote]

In a nutshell, quite simple.

A) Signup for a new webhosting package

B) Confirm that your account is setup

C) Login to old account & backup data

D) Transfer files to your local desktop (Go straight to “E” if host is assisting)

E) Transfer file to new server

F) Change NameServers for your domain to the new server

[If you have your domain managed by your current host, I suggest moving it]

G) Confirm that the site is functioning correctly

H) Double check for stray .php files throughout the site

I) Security Scan the site using the cPanel application

J) Open the store.

PS If you need hosting, I’m sure you know who I’d recommend :slight_smile: